Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring is here!

I love the idea of Spring because it means pretty flowers all in a row, no more heavy coats and shivering bones! But 2 things I don't like about Spring are the allergy bouts and tornadoes! I get scared to death each time the warning siren went off to alert residents to take cover or keep safe! Other than that, Spring is beautiful as a flower in full bloom!

Talking about Spring, I thought about sprucing up my tiny humble abode a little bit so I bought some flowers, those that I can keep indoors and some outdoors!
in bloom2

Gerbera Daisies...


While working on my desk one afternoon, I saw from my peripheral vision that something is moving, frolicking outside my window and this is what I saw!
squirrel having lunch
Ain't he the cutest thing! I took multiple photos of this little guy...

During this week, my baby girl turned 4 but we had her celebration 2 days earlier. She was born March 13th and the celebration was held March 11 at none other than the famous Chuck E Cheese's!-- The ultimate fun place for kids, but the most stressful environment for moms, to me that is! ^_^

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  1. Yes, spring is here.... and you captured it well with various photos. Nice flowers, cute squirrel but the star is the young lady!

    1. Thank you Pia! You're too kind! However, I can not get over that squirrel you have in your post. It's clear and you take really good pic of it! Great job!


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