Hi there, my name is Lei, Filipina, born and raised in an archipelago of 7,107 islands of the Philippines....currently residing in Plano, Texas! I'm a mom to a beautiful little munchkin!

Thanks for dropping by! However this blog is constantly a work in progress...but your comments, critiques or reactions will help me improve nonetheless!

To start off, this is a just a personal blog as a mom who likes to take pictures whenever I want to or as much as I can and capture everything that I think is interesting.... may be less interesting to others.

I am not a professional nor a good photographer but I am constantly yearning to learn more as I go about my journey in photography. I am not a good writer either, so most of my posts are very few in words but quite heavy in pictures, or let's just say, I have very limited vocabulary! (^^,)-- Anyhow, as the famous phrase goes-- "a picture is worth a thousand words" --self explanatory.