Tuesday, April 10, 2012

on Manual Mode

I'm so glad I found Courtney's blog just recently and I absolutely had no idea how rewarding this could be. I've never been so excited to learn my whole life! ^_^

I know for a fact that I always love photography ever since I can remember...I had a subject unit in Basic Photography using film camera during my College years (a very long time ago! I know!) unfortunately with time and digital revolution, I kinda lost a lot, if not all, of that knowledge somewhere and had to start anew. And through her blog, it really is kind of a refresher course for me and it's for Free. Now ain't that sweet!

Yesterday while I was tinkering my camera, I felt the need to try on Manual Settings and tried to capture my little girl while playing. It took me hundreds of photos before I get some pictures right, it's not perfect I know, but I try as I go.(okay, hundreds is a bit exaggerating, but you get what I mean, dontcha!)

Here showing you a few out of the many tries. No editing done here, SOOC!

SS:1/160s f/1.8 ISO:1600
SS:1/160s f/1.8 ISO:800

Yes, I still need tons to learn, but I promise you this is something rewarding for me when I get it right (or so I think!)

I sure hope to have a lots of time in my hands to do some practice shooting indoors and outdoors. Right now, I take pictures at an even teeny-bitty chance I can get

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  1. Awww i love the one with her and the flower!

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